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Battery Testing
Battery Testing
FREE Battery Testing
Schedule Your Appointment Online Anytime
Visually inspect and test battery using tester. Hybrid battery test excluded. Offer not available in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Quick Lane. is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. See participating U.S. Quick Lane. for details. Offer Expires 12-31-2019.
Vehicle Check Up Special
Vehicle Check Up Special
FREE Vehicle Check Up
  • Tire
  • Brake Inspection
  • Fluid Top-Off
  • Battery Test
  • Filter Check
  • Belts and Hoses Check
  • *Hybrid battery test excluded. Quick Lane® is registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for details. Offer valid with coupon. Offer Expires 12-31-2019.
    Brake Inspection Special
    Brake Inspection Special
    FREE Brake Inspection
    Performed by an expert technician.
    Inspect brake friction material, caliper operation, rotors, drums, hoses and connections. Inspect parking brake for damage and proper operation. Quick Lane® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for details. Offer valid with coupon. Offer Expires 12-31-2019.
    Tire  Size Sale
    HANKOOK OPTIMO H724 84T 175/70R14, 84T, OPTIMO H724 $69.95
    KUMHO  MINI SPARE 125/80D15, 95M, TEMP SPARE $79.95
    HANKOOK KINERGY GT H436 91H 195/65/15 $82.50
    KUMHO SOLUS TA-31  86H 185/65/14 $86.25
    NEXEN N-PRIZ AH8 91T 195/65R15, 91T, N-PRIZ AH8 $92.50
    KUMHO MINI SPARE 125/80D16 $93.75
    KUMHO SOLUS TA-31 91H 205/55R16, 91H, SOLUS TA-31 $93.75
    GEO TOUR  P/C 99V 225/60R17, 99V, P/C $97.50
    HANKOOK  OPTIMO H428 89H 195/65/15 $98.00
    KUMHO SOLUS TA31 95H 205/65R16, 95H, SOLUS TA-31 $99.95
    KUMHO SOLUS KH16 89T 195/65R15, 89T, SOLUS KH16 $101.25
    KUMHO SOLUS TA31 94V 215/55R17, 94V, SOLUS TA-31 $105.00
    NEXEN N-PRIZ AH8 91H 205/55R16, 91H, N-PRIZ AH8 $111.25
    HANKOOK KINERGY  GT H436 95H 205/65R16, 95H, KINERGY GT H43 $120.00
    HANKOOK KINERGY GT 91H 205/55R16, 91H, KINERGY GT H43 $121.25
    HANKOOK OPTIMO H426 89H 205/55R16, 89H, OPTIMO H426 4 $122.50
    KUMHO SOLUS KH25 83H 195/50R16, 83H, SOLUS KH25 $126.25
    KUMHO SOLUS KH25 94H 205/65R16, 94H, SOLUS KH25 $128.75
    HANKOOK OPTIMO H426 87H 215/45R17, 87H, OPTIMO H426 4 $132.50
    KUMHO SOLUS KH25 93V 215/55/17 $135.00
    NEXEN CP662 95V 225/45R18, 95V, CP662 $136.25
    KUMHO KRUGEN PREMIUM KL33 99H 225/60R17, 99H, CRUGEN PREMIUM $138.75
    KUMHO ECO SOLUS KL21  BW 99H 225/60R17, 99H, ECO SOLUS KL21 $141.25
    KUMHO ECSTA 4X KU22 97W 235/50ZR18, 97W, ECSTA 4X KU22 $143.75
    HANKOOK KINERGY GT H436 94V 215/55R17, 94V, KINERGY GT H43 $145.00
    KUMHO KRUGEN PREMIUM KL33 104H 235/65R17, 104H, CRUGEN PREMIU $147.50
    KUMHO SOLUS KH25 85V 215/40R18, 85V, SOLUS KH25 $148.75
    HANKOOK KINERGY GT 99H 225/60R17, 99H, KINERGY GT H43 $148.75
    KUMHO SOLUS XC 94V 235/45R18, 94V, SOLUS XC KU26 $161.25
    YOKOHAMA ADVAN SPORT 95W 225/45R18, 95W, ADVAN SPORT A/ $167.50
    KUMHO KRUGEN 98H 245/45R19, 98H, CRUGEN PREMIUM $171.25
    KUMHO SOLUS TA-31 88V 225/40R18, 88V, SOLUS TA-31 $173.75
    KUMHO ECO SOLUS KL21 103T 235/65R17, 103T, ECO SOLUS KL2 $173.75
    KUMHO CRUGEN 101H 235/55R19, 101H, CRUGEN PREMIU $191.25
    KUMHO  CRUGEN PREMIUM KL33 103H 235/60R18, 103H, CRUGEN PREMIU $192.50
    HANKOOK OPTIMO H426 96V 245/45R18, 96V, OPTIMO H426 4 $193.75
    MICHELIN ENERGY SAVER 97V 235/50/18 $265.00
    MICHELIN PRIMACY MXM4 96V 245/45R18, 96V, PRIMACY MXM4 $281.25